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Azure Administrator: Understanding services of Microsoft Azure

The "Understanding Services of Microsoft Azure" event held for UNEC students was an informative and engaging session that aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Azure's services. The event was designed to introduce students to the cloud computing platform and its services, with the goal of empowering them to use it in their future […]

Azure AD for Business: Identity and Access Management for Your Organization

The "Azure AD for Business: Identity and Access Management for Your Organization" event held for Sumgait Technologies Data center staff was an informative session designed to provide practical understanding of how to manage user identities and access in Azure. The event covered a range of topics, including Azure AD basics, user and group management, and […]

Azure Security: Protecting Your Infrastructure and Data in the Cloud

The Azure Security event that was held for the staff of Sumgait Technologies Data Center was a valuable learning experience for all attendees. During the event, we discussed various aspects of cloud security, including threat detection, network security, identity and access management, and data protection. We covered best practices for protecting your infrastructure and data […]

Azure Migration: Strategies and Best Practices for Migrating to Azure

During the Azure Migration workshop held for the staff at  Azenco ASC, we discussed various strategies and best practices to migrate existing applications and workloads to the cloud. The workshop covered topics such as assessment and planning, migration methods, cost optimization, and post-migration operations. Participants gained valuable insights and practical knowledge to help them plan […]

Azure Fundamentals: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure

We recently held an event focused on Azure Fundamentals, which was designed to introduce attendees to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. It was an informative and engaging event that covered a wide range of topics, from the basics of cloud computing to the specific features and services offered by Azure. One of the highlights of […]

Azure Architect workshop

Today, I hosted an enlightening "Azure Architect" workshop, a journey into the vast universe of Microsoft's cloud platform. My mission was to empower participants, demystifying Azure and providing them with the necessary skills to design and implement robust Azure solutions. The workshop was packed with hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations, offering a deep dive into […]

Azure Administrator workshop

Today, I had the privilege of hosting an enlightening workshop focused on the role of an Azure Administrator. The workshop aimed to provide attendees with in-depth knowledge and practical insights into Azure Administration and its significance in cloud computing. During the workshop, I covered various key topics, including provisioning and managing Azure resources, configuring networking, […]

Azure Fundamentals

Today, I had the honor of conducting a comprehensive training session that delved deep into the core concepts of Azure Fundamentals. This training was designed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding and practical insights into the fundamental elements of Microsoft Azure, illustrating their vital role in the realm of cloud computing. Throughout the training, […]

AZ-104T00A Administer Monitoring

Title: Successful Administer Monitoring Online Training I recently conducted an online training on Administer Monitoring, and it was a fantastic experience! The engagement was high, and participants actively participated in discussions and hands-on exercises. The Q&A session was insightful, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Stay tuned for more sessions on Azure and other […]

Configure Subscriptions and Configure Azure Resource Manager Resources

Empowering with Azure: Training on Configuring Subscriptions and Azure Resource Manager Resources In a recent online training session, I had the privilege of delving into the critical topics of configuring Azure Subscriptions and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resources. This training was a powerful exploration of how these foundational elements play a pivotal role in efficiently […]

Azure Load Balancer Configuration: Training Highlights

In a recent online training, we delved into the vital realm of Azure Load Balancer configuration. Participants engaged fervently, displaying a clear enthusiasm for optimizing network traffic distribution in Azure. Hands-on exercises equipped them with practical skills, ensuring a seamless application of Load Balancer configurations. The interactive Q&A session fostered a collaborative learning environment, emphasizing […]

Discovering Microsoft Azure Services

The event titled 'Discovering Microsoft Azure Services' held at Baki State University was a captivating and informative session that aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by Microsoft Azure. The event's core purpose was to introduce students to the world of cloud computing and its services, empowering them to utilize this knowledge […]